Delicate task of remaking Penang Hill
Ho Chung Teng | 12 Jan 2018 00:30
Penang Hill’s iconic funicular train

The iconic Penang Hill attracts 1.6 million visitors a year while its website gets two million hits a month. The number of visitors to the hill resort continues to grow year by year.

Its popularity was evident when thousands made a beeline for its funicular train services which resumed operations on Dec 30 after a two-month closure due to several landslides.

Penang Hill is dear not only to Penangites but also to millions of visitors over the years. And now the state government is poised to undertake a remaking of sorts which will require heavy investment.

Over the past several years, the state and federal governments have spent over RM100 mil to upgrade and enhance the facilities and infrastructure, including its iconic funicular train system. And more funds will be required if the state government’s vision to elevate Penang Hill as Malaysia’s hill resort of choice is to become a reality.