New airline on the cards
Stephanie Jacob | 06 Jul 2018 00:30
Malaysia’s aviation sector could see the entry of a new airline by the end of the year.

It is understood that the proposed airline will be based in East Malaysia and fly from the two states to Peninsular Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Those behind the venture hope to capitalise on both the tourist market as well as those travelling to and from Sabah and Sarawak for work and education.

Sources close to the project say the airline will likely be a fullservice carrier but will handle most of its operations internally rather than outsource them to third parties.

This could include areas like catering services which are known to be a significant cost factor for other full-service carriers, such as Malaysia Airlines.

The new airline is also considering flying to smaller airports in East Malaysia. There are six airports in Sarawak, including an international airport in Kuching, and five in Sabah, including one international airport in Kota Kinabalu.

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