Succeeding in a man’s world
Sonia Ramachandran | 09 Feb 2018 00:30
More women are venturing into the male-dominated construction and property development industry

WOMEN are increasing their participation in the property and construction industries, long thought to be a male domain, with many serving as developers, contractors, engineers, quantity surveyors and architects.

They are said to make up between 13 and 18% of the construction industry, and the numbers are rising steadily.

FocusM research reveals that among property companies listed on Bursa Malaysia, women make up 31 executive directors, two executive chairmen, one deputy chairman, one vice-chairman three managing directors, and one deputy managing director.

In the case of listed construction companies, they make up 16 executive directors, one group deputy managing director and one group finance director.

The increasing number of women holding senior executive positions in management and the boards of construction and property companies also prompted the 2015 establishment of an association – Women in Construction Malaysia – for them.