Unstoppable GHL in Asean expansion
Ho Chung Teng | 01 Jun 2018 00:30
GHL Systems Bhd, a leading payment solution provider in Asean, is not slowing down. Following its recent plans to acquire a 31.16% stake in Vietnam-based MPOS Global Ltd for US$3.31 mil (RM14.05 mil), the company is looking to expand into Myanmar and Indonesia.

GHL group CEO Danny Leong Kah Chern says his vision for the next five years is to expand the company’s footprint into other Asean countries. It is currently in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

“We would like to see ourselves going beyond these three countries and replicating it (current operations) in countries such as Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam. These countries have the population size and it will be great if we can have the same (operations) presence there,” Leong tells FocusM.

Today, GHL has increased its footprint across the three countries with about 180,000 acceptance points that allow credit and debit cards, contactless payment, loyalty, prepaid top-up and bill collection payment services.

Leong says GHL is continuing with its internal target of acquiring between 1,000 and 1,500 merchants per month in these three countries. “(Growth) would be spread (between the three countries). A few years back it was Malaysia but today we are more spread out among the three countries,” he adds.

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