Accsoft’s low gearing not appealing for warrants
Alan Voon | 30 Mar 2018 00:30
The share price of information technology company Accsoft Technology Bhd has been declining since its share split in early March.

Accsoft undertook a share-split exercise which involved the subdivision of every 10 existing Accsoft shares into 25 split shares. This has increased the number of shares outstanding to 2.09 billion shares from 832.8 million shares.

After declining from 24 sen at the beginning of March to as low as 16 sen, Accsoft's share closed at 17.5 sen on March 28 while its company warrant ACCSOFT-WA ended trading at 11 sen.

Formerly known as Oriented Media Group, Accsoft originally focused on the development of online games, educational web applications, mobile applications and digital media consulting services.