Emerging markets in crisis
Shuli Ren | 07 Sep 2018 00:30
Hedge funds haven’t been this bearish for years. In the last month, funds quickly sold down their positions in emerging markets to levels last seen in August 2015, when China scared the world with a surprise devaluation, and early 2016, when Beijing terminated a silly experiment with circuit breakers in a futile attempt to rescue the stock market.

Emerging markets are in pain. Currencies alone are down 13% for the year as contagion starts to spread across continents, from Argentina to Indonesia. Bonds and stocks have tumbled.

When will the bleeding stop?

In a case of role reversal, the US is starting to look rather like an emerging market.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, the American economy grew 5.4% in the second quarter, almost as fast as China (if you can trust Beijing’s numbers).

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