Finding the balance on directors’ pay
Stephanie Jacob | 02 Mar 2018 00:30
The recent launch of KPMG Malaysia’s Non-Executive Directors’ Remuneration 2017 report
There is a colourful saying that goes: “If you pay peanuts, then you will get monkeys”. The implication is that you get what you pay for and quality often does not come at budget prices.

This logic is often used as the justification behind high remuneration packages awarded by companies to their directors.

A recent KPMG Malaysia report entitled KPMG Report on Non-Executive Directors’ Remuneration 2017 indicates that the remuneration levels for non-executive directors averages at about RM162,000.

This is a 33% increase from the RM122,000 recorded in the 2013 edition of the report and this in turn was 37% higher from the RM89,000 average seen in first version of this report back in 2009.