Indices to remain volatile
Stephanie Jacob | 09 Feb 2018 00:30
The Dow Jones plunging 1,175.21 points to 24,345.75 on Feb 5
The month of February started on rough patch for capital markets in the US with the “flu” quickly spreading to the Asian and European markets. On Feb 2, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) began a frantic selldown which continued into Feb 5.

Collectively, both sessions resulted in the key benchmark index slumping over 1,840 points before rebounding on Feb 6 with a 567-point gain to end at 24,912.77 points.

However, nervousness lingers as evident in the DJIA shedding 0.08% or 19.42 points during the Feb 7 overnight trading to 24,893.35 despite seeing gains in the earlier half of trading.

Ironically, the recent market behaviour has been blamed on the better-than-expected economic data which in turn has raised the possibility of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) raising rates quicker than previously anticipated.