The brave new world
Ho Choy Meng | 14 Apr 2017 00:30
OUR world is moving relentlessly at the most neck-breaking pace. Some industry giants that once dominated their respective industries have awakened too late to witness the loss of their massive market share to new start-ups. 

Dr Robert Goldman, world chairman of the International Medical Commission, has put forth a thought-provoking article, The Future Predictions, telling the downward paths of the failed giants.

In my opinion, any chairman of the board who ignores ever-evolving trends will suffer irreparably as a result of technology advancement.

I herewith put together many well-documented facts used by Dr Goldman and highlight instances of how established industries have come to grief, because their heads were too slow to react to the writings on the wall. It is very sad to bid goodbye to crowd favourites that have become obsolete, crushed by the relentless wheel of progress.

**Datin Ho Choy Meng is president of the Malaysian Investors Association