Enlivening A Space With Art
Evanna Ramly 
Residensi Solaris Parq

Last month, UEM Sunrise launched the first phase of its latest mixed-development, Solaris Parq. Located within the upscale Dutamas enclave, the development comprises four components: Residensi, Galleria, Suites and Office. Its first phase, Residensi Solaris Parq, is already high on the wish lists of prospective home owners.

The serviced apartments feature more than 30 lifestyle amenities and cutting-edge facilities as well as a two-acre urban park with four thematically landscaped zones, namely Grassland for garden parties and weekend fun, Play Yard with designer playground equipment for discerning little ones, Flower Sea for quiet reflection and inspiration, and Forest Atrium, a tranquil and verdant space.

“We want the property to not only be a desirable place where people want to live in but also be the preferred destination for work and play,” exclaims Anwar Syahrin Abdul Ajib, managing director and CEO of UEM Sunrise. “As we celebrate quality design and innovation, we want to promote talent development and provide our young talents the opportunity to showcase their artworks.”

Hence UEM Sunrise’s exclusive collaboration with four local artists – Cheong Tuck Wai, Andrew Chew, Saiful Razman and Anniketyni Madian – for Residensi Solaris Parq. They were commissioned to produce five artworks each, to be featured at the apartment entrance upon its completion in 2022.


Colour and structure

True to form, the artists did not disappoint, delivering insightful and evocative creations that captured the beauty of nature while highlighting the progression of a thriving society, in line with the company’s modern and innovative spirit.

“Solaris Parq is a celebration of artistry for our vibrant local talents, and UEM Sunrise is proud to offer a platform to promote talent development amongst our community,” Anwar shares.

He adds it is the company’s aspiration for Residensi Solaris Parq to be more than just a home to live in. “It will be amplified with creative and beautiful artistry by up-and-coming Malaysian artists. Tuck Wai and Andrew, for instance, were selected for their signature mixed media paintings and sculptures, which are innovative and thought-provoking.”

Then there is Saiful, the 2017 winner of the Major Award for Young Contemporaries, organised by the Kuala Lumpur National Art Gallery. “He made a strong debut with abstract media canvases and oil painting installations,” Anwar says. “The wooden sculpture by Anniketyni, inspired by traditional Sarawakian pua kumbu, is a prominent feature too. We can’t wait to see it decorating our development.”


Behind the canvas

Cheong, 38, a part-time senior lecturer of fine arts, is noted for his mixed media paintings of human figures and the environment, revolving around the aspects of memory, time and space. He has won many awards including the Malaysia Emerging Artist Award, United Overseas Bank’s Painting of the Year and Philip Morris Malaysia Art Awards.

Cheong is contributing We Poured Down To The Coast In Search Of Surf And Sun and Boat The Oars On The Eve Of Sailing

His work for Residensi Solaris Parq explores transient moments in the natural environment. “I hope it makes people stop and think about how we need to care for the environment and not damage it,” he explains. “The aim here is to educate the public about nature.”

Chew, 29, consistently explores the fusion between art and abstract expressionism through his paintings. A finalist for the Malaysia Emerging Artist Award, he also produces sculptures inspired by trace impressions formed by layered wood formations and alignments.

“It’s a good opportunity for artists to be engaged with such an interesting project and to showcase our artwork,” says Chew, whose creations convey the reflection of life. “I think there’s always another aspect for this thing called life as a whole, and the painting itself speaks to different audiences differently.”

He observes that being in an urban environment like Kuala Lumpur where everything moves so quickly, one can easily see development growing at a very fast rate. “I would say the value I’m trying to bring across is that in spite of urbanisation, there’s always a contemporary element you can inject into urbanisation. My work is about viewing things from another perspective. For UEM Sunrise, it’s the message that it is developing the land while considering sustainability at the same time, which really resonates with me.”

Saiful, 37, specialises in pop-inspired collages, abstract oil paintings and large installations that engage with the ideas of existence and realism of the ordinary as well as disposable objects. His accreditations include the Jury Prize for the Justin Louis Award at the Freedom Film Fest in Kuala Lumpur and the Incentive Award at the Open Show at Galeri Shah Alam.

His contribution was based on previous success. “Vertical Speed is a series I made in 2015 and it was from my show in Jakarta. UEM Sunrise selected a few paintings that highlighted the speed and technique of my work.”

Saiful would like to see what audiences experience when they can relate to his work. “Maybe it will spark a certain interest among the residents or even a new audience. They can express themselves by placing the artwork in the interiors,” he grins. “Hopefully they will be inspired by the colours, compositions and structures.”

Anniketyni, 31, is known for her rough yet intricate wooden sculptures. She celebrates traditional patterns and symbols, a passion that has seen her shortlisted among 10 youth ambassadors in Transformasi Nasional 2050.

Incidentally, she is the only female artist chosen for the collaboration. “It’s an honour to have a few of my works featured here. It’s a great opportunity for a sculptor like me to be featured in such an outstanding development.”

Anniketyni and her sculpture Igi Nibong

Hailing from Kuching, the soft-spoken artist likes to bring traditional elements into contemporary art. “I also work closely with architectural elements so it’s very suitable for this project.”

Anniketyni had previously worked with UEM Sunrise. “Its other property, Publika, works with a lot of young artists. It’s an excellent platform for this group of talents to develop their ideas and meet people who may open up new doors for them.”

This article first appeared in Focus Malaysia Issue 260.