Life In Art
Lavonne Cheah | 30 Mar 2018 00:30
Jehabdulloh Jehsorhoh’s 'The Way of Life of Malay Locals in the Three Southern Most Provinces of Thailand' (2005).

Working in partnership with MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Ilham Gallery is holding the Patani Semasa exhibition on contemporary art and culture from now until July 15. It focuses on the region of Patani on the eastern coast of the Thai peninsula that comprises the provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and parts of Songkhla.

This exhibition explores the region’s past and present through artworks and cultural representations by 27 artists. They include Ampannee Satoh, Amru Thaisnit, Anis Nagasevi, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, I-na Phuyuthanon, Jakkai Siributr, Jamilah Daud, Jamilah Haji, Jehabdulloh Jehsorhoh, Kameelah I-lala and Keeta Isran.

Putting it together are curators Gridthiya Gaweewong, Kasamaponn Saengsuratham, Kittima Chareeprasit and Ekkalak Napthuesuk, who described the process of organising the exhibition as interesting.

“We learn a lot throughout the process. There were many research trips to Pattani and Narathiwas as well as studio visits to meet with cultural activists, thinkers and specialists of the region. We would like for the exhibition to travel around Southeast Asia and beyond,” says Gaweewong.