Young At Art
Brigitte Rozario | 14 Jul 2017 00:30

CHILDREN in an art gallery almost sounds like that proverbial bull in a china shop. If not monitored and controlled, both situations could result in much damage and great losses. Additionally, in a country like Malaysia, where art is still seen as highbrow or a luxury, introducing children to art galleries is hardly a priority.

However, in the Klang Valley, this trend is increasingly being bucked. The government and private galleries recognise the need to inculcate art education from a young age. Some have art tours while others have workshops to engage the young. These are not activities they take lightly, recognising that young audiences are vital for the growth of the arts in the country.

Leading the way is Ilham Gallery, which from 2015, has been organising art tours for preschoolers. The tours lead the young visitors through the gallery, accompanied by their parents, to introduce them to art and themes. The children are shown not just paintings on the walls but also sculptures and installations. Relevant activities are also conducted to make the tours engaging and interactive.

Gallery director Rahel Joseph explains that the idea is to expose children from young so that they grow up being familiar with art and its display area.


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