About Us
Focus Malaysia is open to all businesses and business people, but influenced by none.

Focus Malaysia is a business weekly that publishes authoritative news and analysis on issues relating to corporate affairs, personal wealth, economics and current affairs. Led by a team of experienced editors and writers, Focus Malaysia strives to provide in-depth, holistic and analytical coverage of topics which are people and issue driven. 

Apart from features and analysis that impact the entire spectrum of business and that is relevant to corporate Malaysia, investors and consumers, there are sections that feature dynamic individuals and industry leaders who are in a position to influence change. 

We are confident the market will perceive our coverage of business and related topics as being independent, incisive, insightful and relevant to the times. 

About HCK Media

HCK Media has a business focus in print and digital publications, integrated media, and events. It is a division of HCK Capital Group, a diversified group of companies with interests in various industries.