Branding Haven
Joseph Wong | 06 Apr 2018 00:30
Branding of the RM230 mil The Haven is a continual exercise to keep its prestige
BRANDING doesn’t stop once a property development project has been completed. In reality, the reverse is true where efforts must be continued, if not intensified, to maintain the project’s positive image.

Such is the case for the RM230 mil The Haven condominium in Ipoh. The award-winning high-end development, which was touted as the catalyst for other high-end condominium projects in Perak, has to continue reinforcing its premier status.

Peter Chan, CEO of The Haven Sdn Bhd, recalls there was a lot of scepticism and negativity from the very beginning.

“Scepticism and negativity were entrenched among the locals who have lived in Ipoh for the past three to five decades,” he says.

However, perseverance underlined by what Chan refers to his “don’t over-promise but over-deliver” philosophy, won out in the end.