Breathing new life into cities
Ang Hui Hsien | 30 Mar 2018 00:30
Petaling Jaya’s Section 13 is an example of a gentrified neighbourhood that faced pressure because it was nearer to the city
The word “gentrification” has been cropping up more often in recent times as it highlights what is happening in a number of our townships and cities.

Gentrification essentially describes the upgrading of an urban area – usually a lower-class district or slum – into one that fits into middle-class standards.

Viewed as a natural evolution of neighbourhoods and a necessity even, it breathes new life into old and tired localities while also providing businesses with more opportunities.

On the flip side, it has raised concerns pertaining to the displacement of local residents, congestion and the driving up of house prices, with some quarters also pointing out the possible elimination of the culture and characteristics unique to the location.