Community conveniences via property apps
Aliff Yusri | 10 Nov 2017 00:30
More developers are turning to mobile property solutions to promote brand continuity and foster community relations across their projects
More property developers are leveraging on mobile technology to launch project-centric solutions, streamlining services from grocery delivery and bill payments to facilities booking as a value-add for their purchasers.

Players delving into the space include Gamuda Land Sdn Bhd, with its Residence Management app, and the Aspen Group, whose Aspen Vision City project in Penang will incorporate next-generation smart services.

While still an emerging segment, software developers such as Megasap Sdn Bhd are already setting the standard for property management solutions, with software suites such as Harta of-fering customised solutions scalable for a wide range of project types.

“We estimate a potential market for property management so-lutions of 2.8 million commercial and residential units, includ-ing 3,498 non-landed developments, worth RM66 mil annual-ly,” says Megasap chief executive officer Firdaus Mah.

He says the benefit of property management solutions is the centralisation, automation and optimisation of routine func-tions in a project, reducing the paperwork and manpower re-quirements associated with legacy systems.