Developing townships for Malaysians
Aliff Yusri | 06 Oct 2017 00:30
Property prices in Kemuning Utama have appreciated 220% since 2005
Townships hold a special place in the hearts of most Malaysians as that’s where a majority of the population have lived in recent decades.
In particular, mid-tier townships have become the cornerstone of the property sector, delivering housing to the M40 demographic, which is also a lynchpin of the domestic economy.

This segment is defined as the middle 40% of households by income and comprises the nation’s middle class, which is expected to comprise 45% of the population by 2020, or a projected 15.2 million people.

Township products have seen a resurgence of popularity among Klang Valley developers in catering for this demographic in recent years, due to increasing land scarcity and cost in urban areas as well as improvements in infrastructure and master planning.