Handling car parks in shopping malls
Anthony Dylan, a member of the Malaysia Shopping Malls Association | 10 Nov 2017 00:30
The guideline requires one bay for every 500 sq ft of gross floor area
Building a commercial space like a shopping mall requires planning and adherence to guidelines of the local government in which the property is sited.

A mall, for instance, needs to provide car park bays and the general guidelines stipulated by the local governments are as follows:
a. One bay for every 500 sq ft of gross floor area;
b. One motorcycle bay for every 905 sq ft of gross floor area; and
c. An additional 2% on top of the overall bays provided for the physically challenged, which should be located near elevators. Ramps and railings must also be provided.

In addition, a general rule since 2013 requires 7% of bays to be reserved for solo woman drivers. Many malls have started complying with this rule which was spawned from a tragic incident in a car park in 2003.

Security measures have since been taken seriously with more security guards for car parks as well as CCTV cameras at entry and exit points. The cameras must capture three angles – face, licence plate and overall face. Panic buttons, including intercoms and CCTV activation, have also been installed.