Managing the components of a mixed development
Joseph Wong | 10 Aug 2018 00:30
Over six million people, or 20% of the country’s population, are living in strata properties.

While many of these properties tend to be of a singular classification, that is residential units, the lines are fast blurring with the many mixed development projects that are emerging these days. In fact, many more mixed development projects are yet to be launched.

This can turn into a potential flashpoint because the common facilities shared by the unit owners can be a major cause of conflict.

With mixed developments, three or more components such as commercial, offices, hotel and serviced residences are housed within one tower. Hence, this begs one pertinent question: Who will be responsible for managing their common facilities?

For unit owners of mixed developments, they will have to grapple with issues not yet fully covered by the Strata Management Act 2013 (SMA), despite its attempt to be as comprehensive as possible.

There’s no denying that the ultimate power is in the hands of unit owners. However, these owners will have to agree on the direction they will take to better manage the properties and facilities. Otherwise, it could lead to further conflicts and allegations of mismanaged funds.

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