Minimalistic lighting in vogue
Sonia Ramachandran 
Floor lamps will incorporate more metal

The adage “less is more” seems to hold true for lighting trends come 2018 as minimalist designs and concepts are expected to be in fashion.

The right lighting can often do wonders to interiors and exteriors as they create the atmosphere or ambience one wants for clients, guests or oneself.

Floor lamps with nature-inspired concepts formed into geometrical and minimalist styles are in fashion, says Ong

Interior design experts tell FocusM that modernistic, nature-inspired concepts, modern geometrical designs and clear lignes (lines) will continue to be trendy next year.

Veritas Interiors Sdn Bhd associate Winston Ong says current lighting trends are nature-inspired concepts that are formed into geometrical and minimalist styles.

“Industrial styles, geometric shapes and nature-inspired lighting designs in minimalist shapes are in trend and will continue to be so in 2018,” he says.

Quade Studio founder and interior designer Kaer Kazami says there are two types of popular lighting trends – minimalist sleek approach and hypnotic style.

Interior and exterior designs globally are moving fully towards modernism, says Kaer

He explains that the minimalist sleek design represents simplicity and clean lines with designs becoming less complicated, while the hypnotic style encompasses the twist of modern approach and elegance such as bouquet style pendants and geometrical chandeliers.

“I believe both styles will still be celebrated in 2018. However, the designs will be simpler but much bigger to stand out, and will be great décor pieces in whatever space,” he says.


Timeless fashion

On chandeliers, Kaer adds that they will always be in style. “We can see the design evolving towards modern, with a less Victorian or French touch.

“We don’t really see much usage of glamorous crystal chandeliers anymore unless we are specifically going for a total glamorous concept,” he says.

Kaer observes that many brands, such as Koket and Boca Do Lobo, are introducing modern chandeliers into the market.

“For 2018, we will see more great urban chandelier designs as the interior design global trends are moving more and more towards minimalism, industrial and modern glamorous,” he says.

Veritas Interiors’ Ong agrees that chandeliers are in fashion and feels that modern geometrical designs are now trendy.

“The size and scale of the chandeliers will be more pronounced (going forward) to give attention to a space or area. It can be of any shape that will match the development.

“Geometrical, pendant or classical minimalistic chandeliers are in, while the classic chandeliers of old with huge dripping lights may not be a favourite next year,” he adds.

More urban chandelier designs are expected in 2018

Wall lightings, floor lamps

Kaer says wall lightings are no longer just for lighting up areas or spaces “but are becoming a great choice for décor and lighting, especially for small spaces”.

“Wall lightings come in bigger sizes and create a cooler and stylish impact. They will be carried through to the coming years due to (the growing popularity) of compact living introduced by developers,” he says.

Ong, however, feels wall lights do not give flexibility. “The current trend is to use adjustable recessed wall washers to highlight the required wall or area,” he says.

Wall washer is a popular name for a lighting design technique to illuminate large surfaces.

As the name suggests, wall washers are designed to bathe or wash walls in illumination and are used mainly with contemporary architecture, in landscape lighting, residential, commercial and public cultural buildings, as well as museums and galleries.

Kaer says the current trends for floor lamps are clear lines and less complicated designs.

“These trends will remain. However, we will see new ideas of material usage and shapes,” he adds.

Ong says floor lamps that are in fashion are nature-inspired concepts formed into geometrical and minimalist styles. “This trend will carry on next year. Floor lamps will also incorporate more metal and will be more cool looking,” he says.


‘In’ designs

Ong says iconic and timeless designs will still be trendy next year, mostly to blend into design schemes.

“These iconic and timeless designs are not really fanciful but straightforward yet detailed, and will leave an indelible impression on your senses.

“They will not go out of fashion and will always capture your attention,” he adds.

Besides iconic and timeless designs, Ong says utilitarian and modern styles will also be popular next year. “That will depend on our clients’ specifications,” he says.

Kaer says interior and exterior designs globally are moving fully towards modernism. “I believe as designs change, consumer taste or preferences will change too.

“However, there are certain classic styles/approaches that will remain through the years such as Victorian and colonial styles that reflect or portray a certain standard and prestige lifestyle,” he says.

Ong feels more LED (light-emitting diode) lights will be used as they are more eco and maintenance friendly.

“For commercial and residential developments, the usage of LED lights in various forms and designs will continue to increase,” he says.

Kaer concurs. “We will see more LED lighting and less tacky designs,” he says.


Colour trends

Kaer says gold and metallic-inspired finishes will always be a trend for lighting. “However, we will see more of rose gold in 2018,” he says.

Ong feels that brass, bronze and silver finishes will be in fashion.

On whether interior lighting which has a commercial/industrial feel will be a trend going forward, Kaer says: “We see a lot of daring goers, mixing industrial feel in a minimalist interior.

“It creates a great impact and stands out. Light brands are continuously introducing track lights and cement texture designs.”

Ong says commercial lightings have a nice design or style that blends in and mixes with the design of the interior or exterior.

This article first appeared in Focus Malaysia Issue 261.