Putrajaya real estate holds potential
Ang Hui Hsien | 02 Mar 2018 00:30
Many buyers are drawn to the city’s peaceful environment and organised masterplan
Befitting its status as the country’s federal administrative capital, the Federal Territory of Putrajaya has a landscape dotted with government buildings and a population comprising mainly civil servants.

As a result, residential developments there are skewed towards housing this community, as pointed out by general manager of customer data solutions (Asia) Premendran Pathmanathan.

“In Putrajaya, nearly 80% of the residential homes are government quarters, so residential is not a big market there other than for government employees,” he says, noting only 83 transactions were recorded for houses from September 2016 to August last year.

The city, he adds, holds appeal for government employees. Thus, those who live there also work within the federal territory.