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Sulaiman Saheh | 14 Sep 2018 00:30
With the world becoming more connected day by day, the ways of working are also evolving. Back then communication and documentation were done via physical means such as letters, paper forms and stacks of folders. But now, with the internet and cloud-based memory, communication and data storage can be accessed from wherever you are.

On the ground, this has ultimately changed the nature of office work with emails, network attached storage and cloud computing. Office workers are no longer necessarily restricted to their cubicle to do work and this has opened the doors to remote working and mobile office quarters.

As property prices continue to rise, in some cases downright disheartening, the possibility of setting up an office space in preferred locations is very much reliant on one’s financial capability, which for smaller-sized companies is a challenge.

In response to this, a growing trend of contemporary office practice is emerging, commonly known as ‘Co-working’. This style of work involves a shared workplace, typically somewhat of an office design and equipped with general office amenities.

Though it has been lauded as a new alternative to office working style, an evolution of serviced offices and office suites, and a possible solution to vacant office spaces, nothing is without its cons alongside its pros.

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