Strata-title malls remain resilient
Guest writer Lum Youk Lee | 07 Jul 2017 00:30
ACADEMICALLY speaking, the oldest retail-strata format in the country is the traditional way of traders operating from shophouses, which has 100 years of history.

The term shophouses being “shop” and “houses” originates from the operational model where ground floors are typically where trading was carried out (shop), while the traders and their families lived in the floors above (house).

Any of these floors may or may not be occupied by single owners, and hence the idea of “multiple ownership” came into being.

By the 1980s, formalisation of such configuration was governed under strata title acts. To a certain extent, unofficially, this is the beginning of strata titles.

**Lum Youk Lee is vice-president of the Malaysia Shopping Mall Association

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