Sungai Besar developers set sights higher
Laura Lee | 12 Jan 2018 00:30
An artist’s impression of Nova Heritage Development’s terraced houses in Bedena Valley
SUNGAI Besar, the main town and administrative centre of Selangor’s Sabak Bernam district, will be witnessing some new developments this year and next.

Despite the challenging property market, some smaller developers are bullish about prospects for property projects in the area, where a majority of the residents are farmers and fishermen or working in plantations.

Among them is Datuk Steven Tan, an entrepreneur-turned-developer who bought a company – Nova Heritage Developments Sdn Bhd – to carry out his property development activities.

Tan, who hails from Sungai Besar himself, tells FocusM he has mopped up 12.1ha of agricultural land in Sungai Besar from several landowners for his maiden gated and guarded Bedena Valley project at Taman Oscar.

He says the project will be developed over five years. “It is called Bedena Valley because it is located in the Panchang Bedena mukim or area.”