HSBC Malaysia Debuts HSBC Pioneer
Focus Malaysia 10 Aug 2018 15:18
HSBC Malaysia recently launched HSBC Pioneer, an exclusive 12 month programme that helps facilitate fast growing large SMEs and mid-market companies to reach the next level of growth and most importantly to provide them with the access to overseas markets.

“We understand the aspirations of businesses to grow and take their business to the next level by expanding to new markets and that is why we have developed the HSBC Pioneer programme,” said Andrew Sill, Country Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC Malaysia. “This programme of next-level banking and services, recognises the drive and commitment of businesses and provides them with solutions to meet the needs of their business tomorrow, today.”

In today’s competitive business environment, expansion and growth often means heading beyond borders to international markets. HSBC recognises that expanding overseas can be one of the key strategies to improve company performance. Not just through revenue opportunities, but through developing new mind-sets. With the new HSBC Pioneer programme, we provide businesses with access to a wide range of future-focused growth funding solutions that is designed to help them accelerate their growing business to another level with the right resources to support them. So if you are a business that is thinking of expanding into ASEAN or Europe, we will definitely be able to help you in your expansion plan.

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