SEGi College KL signed MoU with SAS Institute
Focus Malaysia 20 Jun 2019 15:56
SEGi College Kuala Lumpur (SCKL) today signed its first-ever collaboration with the well-established American multinational analytics software developer, SAS Institute Inc., which grants a Joint Certification in Data Science to the college’s computer science graduates. This is SAS’ first partnership venture with a college in Malaysia.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the two parties today to incorporate SAS technologies and curriculum into SEGi’s newly launched Diploma in Computer Science programme (specialisation in Data Science), particularly for five core subjects, namely, Big Data Technology and Management, Data Visualisation, Data Science Methodology, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Introduction to Machine Learning.

The Computer Science programme offered by SEGi College Kuala Lumpur is a three-year Diploma and it is expected to officially take off in September 2019 and registration for the first batch of students currently open.

A 2018 McKinsey Report titled Achieving Business Impact with Data states that without proper data, the best analytics are worthless and that the greatest business impacts are gained when organisations complement their analytics with the relevant knowledge and skills of talent and use a cross-functional and agile structure to implement their data insights.

Through this MoU, SEGi students will be exposed to relevant analytic skills such as data collection, storing, analysing, managing, predicting and shaping, which will prove to be valuable to organisations that rely on data insights to make impactful decisions and drive their businesses forward.

The added certification is issued to students as a special recognition for their ability in using and applying the SAS technologies to derive targeted business solutions. To be eligible for it, students will be required to complete a project using real data apart from adhering to other course requirements including the completion of the five core subjects.

As students graduate from the respective courses, they will receive a SAS Joint Certificate in Introduction to Data Science that will add value to their Diploma, providing them with a competitive advantage in a data-driven business environment and employment. Graduates also gain a digital badge from SAS which will further enhance their employability and marketability across regions.

“In the Industry4WRD Policy Paper, the government of Malaysia has identified key enabling technologies that Industry 4.0 ready companies should be adopting. These include Big Data Analytics where techniques and tools are used to sieve insights from massive amount and data; and Artificial Intelligence, where the focus is on the development of programs that can teach themselves to learn, understand, reason, plan and act when exposed to new data,” said Daniel Teng, Group Senior Executive Director, SEGi University and Colleges.

In this aspect, the collaboration between SEGi and SAS will enable SEGi to effectively create knowledge workers that are Industry 4.0 ready by:
 Establishing a skills certification programme to train talents for Industry 4.0;
 Integrating theory and practice of Industry 4.0 applications and programmes into the tertiary education system to raise industry standards and create industry placement opportunities;
 Enhancing and increasing the capacity and capabilities of our educators, trainers and instructors, creating a pool of subject matter experts in the field of data science.

“We are indeed grateful and proud that SAS has chosen SEGi College Kuala Lumpur as their first partner college in Malaysia. We will be offering up to 200 places for this first batch of students and they will be eligible for SEGi Scholarship that will provide them between 30% or even up to 100% tuition fee waiver,” added Teng.

In addition, the partnership also boosts SEGi’s standard of teaching and learning through academic training; up-scales its facilities and resources, and increases the quality of its training and study programme.

“Analytics is changing work and our current and upcoming workforce as we know it, but humans will always be the heart and soul of innovation. Our commitment to analytics education from kids to educators to professionals unleashes the power of learners to build a better world,” said SAS CEO Jim Goodnight.

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