Trio win sustainability awards
 30 Nov 2017 17:32
Entries showcased how Malaysian citizens were committed to raising the bar for social and environmental initiatives, says Gnanaraja
A penchant for greenery and trees in particular earned Eidlan Mazlan Hanafi, Adrian-Jon Wong Jovi and Nasip Khor top honours in Sustainability Roundtable Sdn Bhd’s Merdeka Sustainability Awards 2017, winning RM10,000 each.

The awards, launched in conjunction with Independence Day on Aug 31 this year, tasked participants with answering the question “What does a tree mean to you?” in 50 words.

The contest was open to resident Malaysian citizens, with over 200 entries received during the submission period from Aug 31 to Sept 30.

“When sustainability is viewed as a matter of survival for your business, you can create a massive change for the transformation of the world,” says Sustainability Roundtable president and CEO Datuk Seri G Gnanaraja.

The award ceremony, held in Kuala Lumpur recently, also saw Joseph Leong XIn Jia, V Thomas, Marie Woon, Mark Woon Tian Kiat and Foeizah Abdul Khalid taking home iPad tablets as consolation prizes.

“We salute the patriotic spirit reflected in the entries. It clearly shows there has to be a joint effort between the private and public sector in sustaining what we have in this country,” says Gnanaraja.

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