Fancy This
Jennifer Choo | 02 Feb 2018 00:30
Syazana found her professional niche as a fashion designer

Creativity was always second nature to Syazana Sukiman but like many creative people, finding her professional niche didn’t come so naturally. Then in 2010, she started a home business making trendy children’s apparel, which has since blossomed into a brand called Whimsigirl.

Last year, Whimsigirl added a women’s collection to its repertoire. And to think that Syazana didn’t have any formal training in designing clothes.

“I went to architecture school but never practised professionally. I knew then that it wasn’t for me,” she confesses. “So I was doing a lot of soul-searching; luckily, I have a very loving and supportive husband. Whenever I had doubts, he reassured me by always saying that the time would come when I finally figure it out. Never once did he doubt me.”

One day, she took up sewing and fell in love with making clothes. “And then people started asking me to make clothes for them so here I am!” she smiles.

Syazana named her label Whimsigirl because it encapsulates her ethos. “Even from young, I’ve always been a super creative person, constantly inventing and doing things differently. I remember that I was insistent on doing a class project my own way at age seven, even though there were guidelines to follow,” she says.