Grand Design
Evanna Ramly | 08 Dec 2017 00:30
Curv boasts the world’s first curved chronograph movement

When Joseph Bulova founded a modest jewellery shop in 1875, he could not have foreseen the magnitude that the brand would someday achieve. Following the success of its pocket watches first manufactured in 1911, Bulova progressed with a watch factory in Biel, Switzerland the following year, followed by its first complete range of wristwatches for men in 1919.

What remains unique about the company is its wonderful history and amazing stories. For instance, to determine universal time with pin-point precision, Bulova set up an observatory on the roof of a New York skyscraper. Such dedication is a key factor in its growth.

“Our founding father’s principles were based on craftsmanship, innovation and technology, and none of that has changed,” says Robert Christiano, executive vice-president of global marketing, Bulova Corporation, USA. “If you look at the legacy of our brand, we’ve been pioneering since day one, not just in product but also marketing.”

As the first to have a fully-electronic timepiece powered by a battery, Bulova revolutionised the watch industry and opened the door for the quartz movements that are so ubiquitous today.

So advanced is its technology that Bulova has been on 46 different space explorations from the Gemini to the Apollo missions.