Make A Splash
Evanna Ramly | 09 Mar 2018 00:30
Swimwear for the local market from SunThing Cool.

Given Malaysia’s coveted location in the tropics with beautiful weather all year round, it comes as a surprise that the country is not known for its swimwear designers.

“I reckon there are two reasons for this,” says Nadine Fernandez, managing director of indie swimwear brand, SunThing Cool. “First, most of Asia and Malaysia have this unusual love for fair skin. Second, Asians in general are conservative.”

It was about four years ago that Fernandez’s good friend Joy Entry first established Gomonoloco, a company selling monokinis. “She saw a gap in the market where women, especially new mothers, did not really have swimwear that catered for them.”

Gomonoloco became quite popular through word-of-mouth. The business then expanded to include bikinis, modest burqinis and, of course, cover-ups for leisurely strolls on the beach, all from different labels parked under the umbrella SunThing Cool.

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