Rope Trick
Evanna Ramly | 06 Oct 2017 00:30
Kim Raymond and her husband, Keith Foo.

It all started when the founders of Malaysian footwear brand Merrack & Co. gifted the ever-stylish Kim Raymond a pair of shoes. Espadrilles, to be precise, crafted of rustic jute. “We knew that Kim was a fan of espadrilles,” says Intan Khalid, creative director and co-founder of Merrack & Co. “This type of footwear is essentially what our brand is all about.”

The company’s popular shoes are made by hand with the soles being 100% jute, a key element of its DNA. “The weather in our country is pretty hot. Jute is perfect because it absorbs sweat and makes the wearer feel more comfortable.”

As for the partnership with Raymond, Fauzana Sidek, art director of Merrack & Co., says: “We’re big fans of Kim and always keeps track of her effortless style. Plus, she’s a huge collector of espadrilles, including ours.”

Delighted with the gift, Raymond reached out to them. “I asked if they were willing to collaborate and it was so cool that they said yes,” she enthuses.


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