Creating a community gathering space
Eco Ardence | 20 Sep 2017 15:49

GOING out for a meal is no longer just about eating while shopping is no longer just about buying a product. Customers want a unique experience. Businesses nowadays are aware of this and want to please their patrons by offering them more than just a product or service.

The question at hand is where can one build such a business?

A new and innovative commercial space – Ardence Labs, might just be what you are looking for.

Situated by a beautiful lakefront, the lifestyle hub fits the bill as an ideal location to create one’s dream business. Ardence Labs is poised to be a modern and vibrant food and beverage (F&B), shopping as well as arts and culture destination.

Moving away from foreign franchises and the usual brands which populate most malls, Ardence Labs hopes to draw an eclectic mix of home-grown retail brands offering patrons a unique experience.

Using recycled shipping containers as the outlet spaces, businesses will have the opportunity to be as creative as they want or as minimalistic as they need to create a unique and interesting retail space.

More importantly, Ardence Labs will be where families can bond and friends gather to catch up. The ultimate goal is to create a social destination for Eco Ardence residents and the larger Shah Alam community to meet.

Perhaps, as a venue to celebrate birthdays, graduations and promotions. Or the spot to take one’s mind off the stresses of work or to indulge in some well-earned retail therapy after a hectic day.

A place to grow
A strong community always supports its dreamers and go-getters. Whether at study or at play, Ardence Labs aspires to be an area for learning and development. An educational hub and a football academy will help youths within the community develop and sow in them a sense of togetherness.

Budding entrepreneurs will be able to build their ideas into businesses from the easy accessibility and availability of fully equipped co-working spaces. This allows them to lay the groundwork for their companies without incurring significant costs, enabling them to channel their resources to where it counts.

At the heart of it all is a healthy and happy community. Ardence Labs is intentionally situated by the lakeside to provide the community with a safe and tranquil place to walk, jog or run towards a healthier body and mind.

It is also an ideal place to bring furry friends to play with or even pamper at the nearby neighbourhood pet hotel.

This makes Ardence Labs the ideal proposition for businesses which are looking beyond just their bottom line, but have a desire to grow and journey with the community in which they operate in.

A total of 7,000 residential units will be built around the Eco Ardence township. Together with an expected population of 175,000 from the surrounding mature townships, there is huge potential for businesses to capitalise on.

“We believe there will be a strong demand for Ardence Labs because we are targeting local businesses and home-grown brands,” Eco Ardence’s divisional general manager Liew Tian Xiong points out.

Establishing your business here would be about integrating into a growing and diverse community. If you believe your business would fit right in, please get in touch with the Ardence Lab team at +603-7499 2552 to further explore opportunities. More information can also be found at