Nurturing fledgling businesses
Eco Ardence | 02 Nov 2017 10:00
An artist impression of Ardence Labs

THE recent unboxing of Eco Ardence’s pop-up lifestyle hub is generating excitement among the many local entrepreneurs and the surrounding neighbourhood of Setia Alam.

For the entrepreneurs, it is an opportunity to cultivate new and fledgling businesses while for the residents of Setia Alam and beyond, it gives them the opportunity to taste and experi­ence the delights offered.

Named Ardence Labs, Eco Ardence divisional general man­ager Liew Tian Xiong says the hub – being an incubator – serves as a means to build a sustaining relationship among the entrepre­neurs and their customers. And the take-up rate has been really encouraging.

Brands like Jaya Grocer, The New Camp 2, Cocomomo, Tealive, Llao Llao, Gindaco, Croissant Tai­yaki, Laughing Monkey, Big Blind, U-Mai, Hinata Cafe, Chaiwalla & Co, Aroi Mak Mak, Plant Cartridge, Ottimo Desserts & Bing Seoul, Bamboo Biryani and Let’s Joy Café have already confirmed their spot in the incubator-styled hub.

Others hopping on board are the creators of Mich’sology and i1 Fitness. Come January when the hub opens its doors, more tenants are expected to grace the premises with more new offerings.

The business owners are equal­ly excited with many planning unique food and beverage (F&B) items not offered elsewhere. Moreover, some of the tenants are even residing in Eco Ardence, the township where Ardence Labs is located.

“We know the lifestyle we wanted when we purchased our dream home last year and now, we want to share and create the lifestyle to our neighbours,” beams U-Mai co-founder Choo Jian Ming. “What we want is actually in-line with EcoWorld [Development Group Bhd].”

Choo is ecstatic over the idea of living and working in Eco Ardence as the notion of travelling and being stuck in traffic jams every day is unappealing.

 As a third generation maker of her grandfather’s famous Sang Har Mee (tiger prawn noodles), Crystal, who is the other co-found­er of U-Mai, says the recipe is a closely guarded secret kept by her family for the last 30 years.

 Crystal’s grandfather created his famous dish in 1982. “As my grandfather retired 10 years ago, this dish cannot be found anywhere else as the recipe has not been passed on to any outsider,” she reveals.

Aroi Mak Mak’s Chriz Choh and Peggy Khor’s passion and familiarity for Thai cuisine saw the birth of their first Thai establishment – Aroi Mak Mak Thai Restaurant – in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The Ardence Lab’s vision fitted the modern and vibrant concepts for the restaurant.

“We never thought to have another branch this fast as we were still new in the F&B indus­try,” enthuses Choh. “This mindset changed when EcoWorld came approach us with their Ardence Labs concept.”

Ottimo Desserts & Bing Seoul, founded by three young women, is another business that’s gracing Ardence Labs.

“The core value of Ottimo Desserts is to bring happiness to our customers,” says co-founder Louis Lee. “To share happiness to all Malaysians, we strictly choose our ingredients from halal certified suppliers.”

The trio have been researching for six months to gather the best international desserts and recipes such as Hong Kong’s famous eggettes with flavourite flavours like classic original, charcoal and green tea.

They are also offering imported soft-serve ice-cream from Japan and a wide range of traditional charcoal healthcare tong shui (desserts) which are prepared fresh every morning.

Then there is the Bing Seoul component. The Korean dessert bar boasts the finest milk snow bingsu which means “snow ice” with its signature “Mango Tango” and “Watermelon Lover” creations, topped with freshly prepared fruits.

“We do not add in any artificial flavouring or colouring,” asserts co-founder Renee Tee, noting that their “Sunset Uji Macha” and “Milo Volcano” are both a “must-try”.

It is businesses like these that EcoWorld is seeking to set up shop at Ardence Labs. The unique F&B offerings will reflect well with the unique setting, serving to build a strong bond between the business operators and their customers.

Boasting built-up of between 290 sq ft and 2,000 sq ft, the retail lots can be expanded to accommodate more retail lots if necessary, adds Liew.If you believe your business would fit right in, please get in touch with the Ardence Lab team at +603-7499 2552 to further explore opportunities. More information can also be found at