Salebration With Homedec 2017
C.I.S. NETWORK SDN BHD | 25 Oct 2017 00:00

Homeowners will be spoilt for choice as all types of products and services in the home and interior design are made available under one roof for eight days

IT’S a celebration as the Home Design and Interior Exhibition (Homedec) makes a comeback for its 15th anniversary.

As with previous editions, the bi-annual event will be split in two parts held over two consecutive weekends at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 10am to 8pm.

The first part is Design and Renovate which runs from Oct 19 to 22 while Furnish and Decorate is from Oct 26 to 29.

With a comprehensive list of exhibitors from across the home and interior design industry, visitors will get to enjoy great deals and savings for purchases made anytime during the eight days.

Tech-savvy homeowners are also in for a treat as this time around, the 15th instalment of Homedec – dubbed Salebration® – will also feature a range of home technology that complements the needs of the modern household.

These innovations are designed and manufactured with the highest standard and performance and have been specially selected for the exhibition, where they will be introduced for the first time to the Malaysian market.

Additionally, Reka Interiors Exhibition will also be hosting its inaugural showcase of interior design ideas during the first part of Homedec.

Design and Renovate

In line with the Design and Renovate theme, exhibitors will be showcasing installations, products and services related to permanent fixtures within the home such as grills, wardrobe and lighting during the first weekend.

One example is the IrisPro UV400 Optical Film, so-called because it offers UV400 protection from the sun’s powerful rays that can cause harm to the human eye and skin.

Manufactured using nano technology, the product is the only UV400 optical film in Malaysia and Singapore.

It can block 100% ultraviolet radiation (UV) and over 85% of infrared heat, effec-tively helping to bring down temperatures inside homes and cut down on energy consumed by cooling appliances such as air-conditioning.

Interestingly, the optical film also acts as a safety screen and can withstand impact from hard objects, making it suitable for use in vehicles as well.

It functions to hold glass together in the event of a shatter, so that the sharp bits and pieces do not fall all over the place and pose a danger to people, especially children.

Also making an appearance is igloo-home which hails from neighbouring Singapore and will be showcasing its range of smart locks.

Conceptualised with the objective of making the lives of property owners every-where easier, the igloohome range can be remotely controlled with a smartphone via multiple modes of entry ranging from Personal Identification Number (PIN) to Bluetooth key.

An internet connection is not necessary as the smart locks can also function offline, effectively reducing the risk of a breach by hackers over Wi-Fi.

Airbnb hosts will find the range particularly useful as igloohome can be synchronised to create custom PIN codes for different guests and track when Bluetooth keys are used by their guests.

The smart locks include the Mortice Lock and Deadbolt Lock. Both have a security lockout mode where the lock will stop functioning for one minute if an incorrect PIN is entered five times as well as a decoy security code feature which lowers the risk of intruders checking for fingerprints.

The Deadbolt Lock also boasts several new features such as a privacy mode which can be activated from indoors to prevent electronic entry as well as a tamper alarm that goes off if intruders try to remove the lock.

Similarly, the Smart Keybox also has the security lockout mode and decoy security code feature, in addition to storage space, allowing users to store up to six physical key or seven key cards.

Furnish and Decorate

Focusing on products and services relating to décor and furnishing within the home, Furnish and Decorate also features electrical appliances for the upkeep of the home.

These include Germany-based company Kärcher’s DS5.800 vacuum cleaner that combines powerful suction with minimal energy consumption.

Its multi-level water filtration system works by extracting microscopic dust particles that are then bonded to water, leaving only air that is 99.9% clean.

The absence of a filter bag makes it convenient even for users prone to allergies to empty the chamber without being overwhelmed by the cloud of dust.

Its performance is so efficient that it even has a seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation.

Also designed for allergy sufferers is the SV7 steam vacuum cleaner, another quality and high-performance product by Kärcher.

As with the DS5.800, the SV7 also uses a water filtration system, in addition to hot steam to dislodge dirt and neutralise unpleasant odours.

It comes with several accessories and can be used on most types of surfaces like carpets, shower areas, blinds and even curtains.

Offering a helping hand with the laundry is Electrolux’s front load washing machine from its UltimateCare™ range.

Fitted with the UltraMix™ system, the appliances cut washing time by up to 44% for cleaner clothes by pre-mixing water and detergent which is then sprayed evenly onto the laundry.

It also has better colour care – reducing colour fading by about 31% – compared to traditional washing machines and uses 75% less energy.

The range comes in 9kg, 10kg and 11kg capacities to suit the varying needs of different households.

Moving into the kitchen, Electrolux will also be showcasing its new multi-function oven with steam-baking function that is said to add the right amount of humidity for perfect and consistent baking results.

Apart from standard oven functions, the SteamBake oven has a PlusSteam function which, when activated, adds steam at the beginning of the baking process, keeping the dough surface moist for just the right degree of gold.

With its large 72-litre capacity, the appliance can fit up to three trays and its UltraFan Plus ensures that food is always cooked evenly.

The retractable knobs and anti-finger print stainless steel makes it easy to maintain. Cleaning is also made easier with the SteamBake oven’s steam cleaning or aqua cleaning feature which makes use of humidity to remove food residue. 

igloohome’s range of smart locks can be remotely controlled.

Kärcher’s DS5.800 vacuum cleaner has a multi-level water filtration system.

The SV7 steam vacuum cleaner uses hot steam to dislodge dirt and neutralise unpleasant odours.

The Electrolux UltimteCare™ range of front load washing machines cut down on washing time.

The new multi-function steam oven by Electrolux delivers consistent results every time.