Passion & resolve seen in Sayangi Sawitku campaign
Mahbob Abdullah | 05 Apr 2019 00:30
I have been to Carey Island a few times to visit the oil palm plantation owned by Sime Darby but recently it was different, because Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was also going there.

Carey Island has always fascinated me because over 100 years ago the plantations were started by an investor called Edward Carey. I made my first  visit nearly 50 years ago, by ferry across the Langat River, and then on to a few estates. The island is below sea level, and it was to see the bunds, how they were checked closely.

The tide gates kept the sea water out, and let the water in the canals run out when the tide went down. The bungalows looked like they could have come from Europe, and transplanted there, and visitors can’t take enough pictures of them, and they have appeared in paintings.

Inside, the dining table and other furniture are of fine hardwood, giving a sense of splendour in the countryside. I had been to the biggest house, now a heritage building, where the Careys used to live, and still kept today in spotless condition. In the gardens of this bungalow beyond the stakes of orchids, the fruit trees are mature and when in season, one could get good mangoes.

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