Singapore’s experience in fighting corruption
Akhbar Satar | 03 May 2019 00:30
In 1961, former Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew turned down a bribe of US$3.3 mil (equivalent to US$25 mil today) by a US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent to keep an unsuccessful espionage operation under wraps. The agent had been caught trying to purchase information from a Singapore intelligence officer. Lee had set a good example for others to follow.

Clearly, for Lee, honesty and integrity are the foundations of leadership. His enduring legacy of good governance and integrity has lasted till today.

Based on the 2018 Corruption Perception Index (CPI 2018) released by Transparency International (TI), Singapore was ranked the third most corrupt free country in the world, moving up three spots from sixth place in 2017 and scored 85 points out of 100. In 2017, with a score of 84, the island-nation was tied in third place with Finland. Denmark, meanwhile, clinched the top spot as the most corrupt-free country at 88 points, while New Zealand was second with 87 points. This makes Singapore the most corrupt-free country in Asean and even in Asia.

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