Bright future for affiliate marketing platform
Sharina Ahmad | 12 Jul 2019 00:30
Affiliate marketing, one of the more popular ways to make money online, is beginning to take off among ecommerce platforms in Malaysia. For some, affiliate marketing is also becoming a passive income stream.

Taking advantage of the affiliate marketing potential is Involve Asia Technologies Sdn Bhd, a local start-up which also acts as a digital advertising agency. The company is working to democratise the affiliate marketing subsector, making it more accessible to a wider range of newsmakers and online content providers.

Its founder and CEO Jimmy How explains that affiliate marketing is an effective strategy where an individual “partners” a business entity (mainly an ecommerce site) to make a sales commission by referring readers or visitors to a particular product or service. “It is really quite a simple explanation. To be really successful at making money using affiliate marketing (methods), there is a little but more (that one needs to learn),” says How.

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