Building an online presence
Sharina Ahmad | 08 Mar 2019 00:30
With more and more customers looking to buy online, Medklinn International Sdn Bhd is looking at maintaining its online presence growth of 30% this year, similar to what was seen last year.

“Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for businesses. Building an online presence is now an essential cornerstone of generating and capturing digital leads.

“We have seen a growth rate of about 30%, a pretty low base, but we can see the increase in terms of the volume. We have invested and continue to increase our resources to build up our capability in digital marketing to ride the trend towards e-commerce,” its managing director Peter Tham tells FocusM.

“Some other ways that we are focusing are through social media platforms. It helped us to have better engagement with our customers and to expand reach and target new demographics.

“Other than that, we are planning to bring in more new talents with new skill sets towards building a better digital economy,” he adds.

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