Some practical ideas for SMEs
Neil Foo | 29 Mar 2019 00:30
Recently, I received many messages regarding my pet topics such as New Finance, New Retail O2O (Online and Offline), and Artificial Intelligence. Most of the messages sought to follow up on opinions and advice on the topics.

Engaging with my audience, I normally ignore pessimists who constantly blame, among others, lack of financing, bad economy and the government.

Conversely, I usually ask SMEs to look into their real accounting report in order to reflect on their companies’ competence. I also urge them to learn about alternative financing such as crowd funding, venture capital (VC), and P2P loan to widen their horizon of funding resources instead.

I tell them: “If you cannot beat them (online), you’d better join them.” This is a way of establishing the concept of the New Retail O2O business model for sustainability and expansion.

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