Watch Out for the Best Under Billion Awards 2017

Did you know that over 81% of all Bursa Malaysia-listed companies have a market capitalisation of below RM1 bil? They are involved in every sector and industry and are the lifeblood of the Malaysian economy providing job opportunities.

Most have humble beginnings as family businesses or small and medium enterprises but have grown to be a significant, if not the dominant, players in their areas of expertise. Several have even expanded beyond Malaysia to set up shop around the world. 

Yet many are not easily recognisable names even among investors and analysts.  

Focus Malaysia’s Best Under Billion Awards (BUB Awards) has changed that by shining the spotlight on the best of these companies.

Held annually since 2015, the awards were conceptualised to acknowledge the achievements of these often underappreciated businesses which deserve to be recognised and commended for their stellar performances.

This October, the BUB awards will once again be awarded to the best companies in their class within a market cap range of RM150 mil and RM950 mil.

Awards will be given to those who have charted the best financial results and shareholder value over the past three years, including those with a record of strong sustainability and good governance. From these category winners, an overall winner will also be chosen.

Furthermore, a captain of industry who exemplifies strong and visionary leadership will also be honoured.  

Categories for 2017 are:
  • Best Return on Assets
  • Best Revenue Growth
  • Best Profit Growth
  • Best Cash Flow from Operations
  • Best Enterprise Value Growth
  • Best Sustainability Reporting
  • Best in Dividend Yield
  • Best in Transparency
  • Best in Online Presence
  • Best Turnaround Story
  • Best CEO (Editors Pick)
  • Overall Winner