JF Tech: In search of a silver lining
Emmanuel Samarathisa | 09 Aug 2019 00:30
After five years of battling it out in court, the scales of justice did not tip in favour of JF Technology Bhd. The local test-sockets maker had its appeal dismissed by the US Court of Appeals on July 16 in relation to a patent infringement complaint filed by Johnstech International Corp ( JTI).

The outcome was certainly disappointing for JF Tech managing director Datuk Foong Wei Kuong. “But we respect the law and move on,” he tells FocusM. “My belief is that our customers, the technical users, are the best jury. They had greatly benefited from the performance of our Zigma.

“Winning a lawsuit does not change how a product performs. This court’s ruling only applies in the US. While we have not been promoting or selling our Zigma in the US since the permanent injunction, we are still selling it outside of the US.”

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