Smaller banks overtake bigger peers
Doreenn Leong | 30 Aug 2019 00:30
Banks are the backbone of any economy. They play a vital role in economic development and provide financial resources to an individual, corporation and government. The health of an economy is directly related to the financial status of its banks. As such, it is crucial to monitor banking risks all the time so as to avert the possibility of a financial or banking crisis.

In this month’s Focus List, we evaluate the 10 listed banks by scrutinising their performance across five categories (see How we evaluated them) to assess their strength and resilience.

A newcomer to the banking list is MBSB Bank Bhd (wholly owned by Malaysia Building Society Bhd), which takes the top spot on our list with an overall score of 3.55. The bank was not in last year’s list as it only received approval from Bank Negara Malaysia to operate an Islamic bank in April last year.

Download and read more in the latest issue of Focus Malaysia here:
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