Two-pronged move for Bio Osmo
Emmanuel Samarathisa | 05 Apr 2019 00:30
Bottled water manufacturer Bio Osmo Bhd has pressed the reset button and wants to start over by enlarging its presence as hotelier Impiana Hotels Bhd.

“The name is indicative of the future direction of the company. Bio Osmo has divested its water business completely and, moving forward, we are focusing on hospitality,” Bio Osmo executive director Azrin Mirzhan Kamaluddin tells FocusM.

Recall that after bleeding financially for nine years due to narrow margins from its bottled water business, Bio Osmo completely divested that loss-making segment at the end of last year while its rebranding to Impiana occurred after a reverse takeover which saw the injection of Impiana Group’s hotel assets into the company.

This naturally positions the company as a lifestyle and services brand but Azrin says the company will focus on two major segments: acquiring assets and hotel management with a 50:50 product mix.

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