Big Apple Donut & Coffee outlets in to use eGift
Focus Malaysia 11 Jun 2019 15:34
eGift service (*1) provider, giftee, Inc of Japan, today scored another success in Malaysia with Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, a doughnut brand operated by Big Apple Worldwide Holdings Sdn Bhd, joining its eGift System (*2) .

With this, Malaysian doughnut and coffee lovers can now send e-gifts to anyone online or through their mobile phones and they can be redeemed at any of the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee outlets in Malaysia.

Giftee Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a local subsidiary of giftee, Inc whose headquarters is in Shinagawaku, Tokyo, said in a statement that this is the second top local brand to utilize e-gifts in Malaysia.

giftee, Inc. has the corporate mission of “Using gifts to connect people to people, people to business, and people to communities.” Based on this mission, it provides “giftee” (*2) , a casual gift service that allows customers to send gifts online easily, along with the sentiment of “a little thank you” for everyday kindnesses. It also operates a SaaS business providing the “eGift System,” (*3) an e-Gift sales system fo businesses. Launching “giftee for Business,” a new solution for businesses based on its original “giftee” service, in April 2016, and “Welcome!STAMP,” a local e-currency system, in May 2016, the company has used the technologies it has built up in its eGift business to actively develop new businesses. Additionally, in October 2018, giftee, Inc. established GIFTEE MALAYSIA SDN. BHD., a Malaysian local subsidiary, and started to expand its eGift business in ASEAN countries.

The eGift System to be introduced at Big Apple Donuts & Coffee is a system in which eGifts can be issued and reconciled instantly. eGifts may be purchased from the sale page of the individual brand’s website, at which point the purchased eGift will be issued. The purchaser can then immediately send the issued eGift to a friend or family member via SMS, Whatsapp, or other similar apps. The eGift recipient can redeem the eGift for a product at a participating store by showing the eGift receipt screen on their smartphone. The store completes the payment process by using its PoS system or the giftee Stamp (*5) to read the eGift screen. All participating Big Apple Donuts & Coffee stores have been equipped with the giftee Stamp. Each eGift has its own unique URL, which enables the instant collection of data, such as the date and time of the visit to the store, the store visited, the type of eGift, and whether or not other items were sold at the same time, as soon as the payment is processed. Because this information can then be used to conduct quantitative analysis of eGift usage information, this makes the system useful as a CRM tool. Also, unlike paper-based tickets and coupons, the eGift is “reconciled” the instant that it is processed with the giftee Stamp, changing the status of the eGift to “Redeemed” so the re-use of e-tickets can be prevented.

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, operated by Big Apple Worldwide Holdings Sdn Bhd, is one of that country’s largest donut retail. With its concept of “Every Piece is a Master Piece,” it is popular with all ages.. Big Apple Donuts & Coffee eGifts, which will be available from the Big Apple eGift website ( that launches on 11 June, 2019, are e-tickets that can be used when paying at Big Apple Donuts & Coffee outlets in Malaysia. Purchasers can choose from credit card or online banking and also e-wallet. To pay for the eGifts. There are three types of Big Apple Donuts & Coffee eGifts available: “RM5 Cash Voucher”, “RM10 Cash Voucher “ and “RM20 Cash Voucher”. These eGifts are redeemable at all Big Apple Donuts & Coffee outlets in Malaysia.

giftee, Inc. & GIFTEE MALAYSIA SDN. BHD., are working to further the popularization of its eGift System in ASEAN countries, with a focus on Malaysia, and plans to extend the system to approximately 10 brands in Malaysia during 2019. Overseas rollout of “giftee for Business”, a B2C-oriented corporate solution, is also progressing in the same manner, and through the popularization of eGifts both nationally and internationally, we aim to create a custom and culture of casual gift-giving where people can casually express their personalized greeting accompanied by a gift.

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