DWL appoints new Managing Director
Focus Malaysia 19 Apr 2019 14:26

DWL Resources Berhad (“DWL”) or formerly known as Spring Gallery Berhad (“SGB”) today announced that the Group has appointed Dato’ Sri Shahril bin Mokhtar, former Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd (“MRT Corp”) as their new Managing Director to steer the Group to new heights especially in the infrastructure construction arena.

Dato’ Sri Shahril bin Mokhtar has been key leader in the land transport and infrastructure sector with his extensive knowledge and background from his previous positions in Ministry of Transport Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD), Economic Planning Unit of Prime Minister Department and MRT Corp.

As a CEO of MRT Corp, Shahril was responsible to oversee and monitor the multibillion MRT Line 1 (Sg. Buloh-Kajang Line) and MRT Line 2 (Sg. Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya Line) projects development which include the construction of all elevated structures, stations and depots, and underground works which involves tunneling and construction of underground stations. The MRT Line 1 which runs for 51km was fully completed in July 2017 and which is ahead of schedule by 3 months with a saving of about RM2 billion from the RM32 billion budgeted construction cost, whereas the MRT Line 2 is due for completion by the year 2022.

In welcoming Dato’ Sri Shahril to the group, Wan Khalik Wan Muhammad, Executive Chairman of DWL expressed his excitement on the forthcoming future and directions of the Group with the participation and leadership from Dato’ Sri Shahril. The board believes that with his valuable experience and background, Dato’ Sri Shahril will play an integral role in bringing the Group to the next level particularly in the infrastructure sector following our recent pre-bid consortium agreement with Gadang Holdings Berhad (“Gadang”) to work together to tender for infrastructure projects. His appointment could not be any more timely.

“It will be highly stimulating journey for me with DWL as I have a distinct vision for the company as there is so much potential that I foresee with the businesses in which we are involved at the moment. Of course, I have in mind a set of strategic plans in the short and long run to help the Group to grow and bounce back into profitability. Do keep a lookout on our prospective projects and success stories,” commented Dato Sri Shahril.

DWL has on 18 th April 2019 announced its plans to enter into the infrastructure construction industry through a DWL-Gadang Consortium to jointly work together to bid for infrastructure projects and if successful, will jointly undertake a contract for such infrastructure works.

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