Faber-Castell focuses on Corporate Gift Services
Focus Malaysia 16 May 2019 15:42

A.W. Faber-Castell Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Faber-Castell Malaysia) has recently expanded its Corporate Gift Services Division to penetrate the B-to-B market segment apart from its existing B-to-C market segment.

With its growing division, Faber-Castell Malaysia offers end-to-end corporate stationery gifts supply. This will include a good selection of stationery items, customised packaging and logo print or silk screen on the stationery products which makes them ideal for any corporate events as well as marketing campaigns. A dedicated team under the Corporate Gift Services Division has started reaching out to corporate customers and the response has been really positive with its growing customer base.

Mr Andrew Woon, who recently took over the helm at Faber-Castell Malaysia’s office said that there is huge potential in the B-to-B stationery market segment as it is still an untapped market space. “With our sales growing in this segment, we expect the Corporate Gift Services business to contribute at least 20% to Faber-Castell Malaysia’s domestic revenue in the coming years,” said Woon.

Woon’s mission as the Managing Director of the company, is to further promote the use of stationery products and especially writing instruments among the corporate sector. “Writing instruments such as pens will continue to stay relevant even with digitisation. The pen will not be obsolete but will evolve according to the needs of users. We have today seen various multifunctional pens such as a pen with stylus, rotating pen with a pencil, smart pens that digitise while you write and much more,” added Woon.

With a strong background in FMCG and electronics, Woon is convinced that the expansion of Faber-Castell Malaysia stationery business into the B-to-B market place is a leap forward that will drive exponential growth for the company.

The Corporate Gift Services Division is also supported by Faber-Castell Malaysia’s 90,000 sqft Distribution Centre that features digitalised operations process that is equipped with Warehouse Management System (WMS) in offering delivery accuracy and effective warehouse management which makes delivery of orders efficient and hassle-free.

Among popular corporate gift selection items includes Faber-Castell’s imported fine writing from the NEO Slim series, Essentio series, Ambition series, e-motion series; finest artist’s quality colouring products; and other specially designed stationery sets.

More information about Faber-Castell Malaysia’s corporate gift services can be found on

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