Red Ideas partners with GoCar and Boost
Focus Malaysia 12 Jun 2019 13:05
Red Ideas Holdings Berhad, (“Red Ideas” or the “Company”) a home grown technology start-up that develops neighbourhood community app JaGaApp mainly for communities -- has partnered with GoCar Malaysia (“GoCar”) and Boost-- the largest e-wallet app in Malaysia to provide more convenience to the communities where it provides its services.

The collaboration is the logical step for Red Ideas as it raises the benchmark in the provision of services to over 300 communities or sites where it provides enhanced visitor management system, communication and convenience under its neighbourhood community app JaGaApp.

JaGaApp is a mobile phone application based platform that targets communities both residential and commercial.

The platform is aimed at enhancing community management and living by offering features such as emergency assist, intercom call with security personnel, real-time notice board, visitor management system, facility bookings, MyServices Concierge Services, in-app maintenance bill payment as well as community forms and feedback.

Under the partnership with GoCar, the collaboration will provide a fuss-free car-sharing platform to residents in neighbourhoods/communities managed by Red Ideas.

Red Ideas’ Co-Founder and Executive Director Mr Ignatius Ho said, residents will be able to book a car by the hour or day via their GoCar on-demand car sharing platform that allows residents to book a car by the hour or day via the GoCar app.

“The partnership was established in the fourth quarter of 2018 and with the support of the GoCar team, JaGaApp introduced this initiative to the communities in early 2019,” he added.

On top of that, GoCar’s Head of Marketing, Ashley Chew has also shared her personal inspiration for this collaboration, “We aim to build sustainable cities through urban mobility and be the region’s most impactful car sharing platform. As cities grow and new neighbourhoods developed, this collaboration with JaGaApp enable the community to have easy access to GoCar, allows us to go even further in improving urban mobility, reaching more neighbourhoods, and subsequently contribute in building a more sustainable, liveable city.”

The initiative has been well received by the many management bodies which allow the car park bays to be made available on a monthly basis to the GoCar vehicles. Since end-March, 13 GoCars have been deployed to 11 sites with nine more pending for confirmation.

To encourage more residents to use the service, GoCar is offering discounts to JaGaApp users that book their first GoCar.

According to the usage reports, JaGaApp found that for each month, about 70% of the GoCar’s vehicles at several communities have been booked.

Ho attributed the over whelming response to the regular promotions and discounts offered by GoCar to JaGaApp users. GoCar is available not only in Klang Valley but across 5 other states in Malaysia - Penang, Johor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Kedah.

JaGaApp is looking to include GoCar’s services to its communities in Penang and Johor later this year.

This signals the right direction which the Company has been taking to encourage the residents to opt for GoGar instead of owning a car and worrying about car maintenance, road tax and insurance.

As for the collaboration with Boost, under the partnership with JaGaApp users can pay their maintenance fees, community fees or booking deposits for facilities in their communities.

Boost is a mobile app which provides a seamless payment experience with merchants that are on Boost (both physical and online merchants).

Users can also receive their monthly or quarterly maintenance bill through JaGaApp and immediately opt to pay via Boost.

Currently, there are three communities using the Boost app with no setup costs and this is expected to increase as more users opt for a seamless payment system.

By using Boost, the JaGaApp users can make payments and also enjoy exclusive discounts and cashback offers at many retail and petrol stations around the country.

This in-app payment feature not only allows users to pay their fees but also keep track of their payment history and pending invoices all from JaGaApp.

The management of the communities will be able to easily track their residents’ payments, issue receipts and consolidate their accounts with the use of JaGaApp’s accounting facilities integrated in JaGaApp’s Admin Panel.

Red Ideas’s Co-Founder and Executive Director Mr David Foo said, the partnership with GoCar and Boost is more about offering value to the communities and enhance community living.

This will provide the impetus for Red Ideas moving to enhance its collaboration with Boost to enable members pay household and maintenance services when using the MyServices.

MyServices is an in-app third party services such as plumbing, servicing of air-conditioning units, locksmiths and household cleaning services offered to communities managed by Red Ideas.

“The latest collaborations will put us on a stronger footing as a company which provides total solutions to communities in Malaysia. A total solutions company for communities in Malaysia which are currently under served and provide great potential.”

“The services provided will enhance the lives of the residents, creating a secure community and the necessary infrastructure,” he added.

All these services will see JaGaApp raising its profile to be the total solution platform for communities. The system helps enhance security, communication and convenience to the communities.

The initiatives are exclusive to JaGaApp communities and only available at the community subject to neighbourhood committee’s approval.

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