Save more on hotel bookings


According to a survey conducted by Brand Expedia, 52% of Malaysians spend more than five hours per month researching for a week-long holiday. With Expedia Add-On Advantage (AOA), modern travelers will now gain value, convenience and flexibility.

Upon booking a flight or package at your preferred price, Malaysian travelers get to enjoy up to 58% off their hotel booking until the day of their departure.

“There’s no need for Malaysian travelers to visit multiples sites when they know they’re getting access to guaranteed discounts on accommodation simply from booking a flight or package. Better yet, it takes away the pressure of planning and paying for everything up front, which is something our savvy Malaysia travelers will appreciate,” said Lavinia Rajaram, regional head of communications, Brand Expedia.

“Besides doing a hotel booking at your flight destination, you can also book for other country. For example, if a person decides to visit a country near London, they can book the hotels at the same discounted rate,” she explained.

The discounted rates are depending on hotel partners and it can be anything from 5% to 58%. Even though the rates vary from country to country, there is similarity among them which is customers can only unlock the savings when they book a flight at Expedia.

As their company mission is to help more people travel, Expedia also offer insurance, hotel booking, car rentals and tours to ease your journey.

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