A French artist creates masterpieces at W hotels around the world.

Connecting lines and filling empty spaces with colours, Lucas Beaufort is spreading his artistic visions in selected W hotels across the globe.

Since early 2018, Lucas has started a unique project by creating exclusive artworks in Bangkok, Melbourne, Maldives and other cities. His recent visit to Kuala Lumpur has seen an acrylic masterpiece splashed across the wall of the hotel’s WET Deck.

“The art that I’m making is to spread love and there are tons of elements in my painting such as hand, foot and flowers that explain the meaning of the artwork. I paint because I feel like I’m a bridge that connects people with arts,” explained Lucas.

“Depending on the size of the artwork, it can take me four to seven days to finish a painting. Everything is in my head and I always start with a pencil by outlining the drawing and painting it with unique colour combinations.”

Aside from creating masterpieces across the world, Lucas is also an explorer and skateboarder. His artworks have been exhibited in numerous galleries with his trademark of imaginary characters and pastel colours.


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