Halloween comes alive with decorations, costumes and other scary stuff at S&J gift shop.

Trick or treat! It’s time to get your Halloween game on and fill the night with candy, pumpkins and dressing up as your favourite character. So, where can we get all our spooky supplies?

Look no further than S&J. The gift and collectable chain store has been offering an extensive range of Halloween tricks for five years in a row. No wonder it calls itself the “Ultimate Halloween Party Store”.

“In the beginning of October, you will spot tons of decorative items which instantly change the atmosphere of the place.

“Towards the end of the month, more and more customers will come in to grab party products, costumes and makeup stuff,” said Jameson Yap, CEO and founder of SNJCO.

“The demand is getting higher year after year.

“Since last year, S&J stores have been doing brisk business during the Halloween period. We even doubled up the stock for some of the items and are confident about this year’s sales,” explained Yap, who is about to welcome his second child.

Committed to make the company a long-running brand, they carry a vision to promote gifting culture in Malaysia and nothing can stop them from expanding. Presently, S&Jhas 15 stores in Malaysia and will be franchising next year.

S&J had humble beginnings, started off in 2002. From just a tiny shop in Jalan Sungai Dua, Penang, S&J is today one of the most successful and recognisable brand names in Malaysia.

Many of the items at S&J outlets are exclusive and one-of-a-kind. They are imported directly from carefully selected manufacturers in Taiwan, Thailand, China and Korea.

Along with the usage of clever marketing strategies, S&J is able to bring in quality handcrafted gifts at very competitive prices to meet the demands of customers.

Another distinctive feature of S&J is its continuous collaboration with brands from all over the world namely Jeez, Moody Bear, Gambatte Touchwood, Bizhour, Qualitypaper and Sen Aromatherapy.

“Based on the number of gifts we sold since 2002, we’ve helped Malaysians create countless moments of joy throughout our 16 years in business. This is something that I am proud of We aim to become the ultimate one stop platform for gifts and home decoration products,” said the avid traveler.

S&J Co.

According to the amicable Yap, being a “Santa Claus” is the reason the company came to exist.

“I love traveling and every time I would buy presents and souvenirs for my family and friends. They always commented that I’ve got a good taste in picking out gifts and that gave me the confidence to start selling them.”

The most popular item for Halloween is the pumpkin basket which comes in four sizes. This simple party decor exudes a mildy creepy vibe with its Jack O-Lantern design and is sold at a reasonable price, ranging from RM2 to RM18.

Apart from Halloween, S&J’s biggest season is Christmas. “We also focus on other festivals like Hari Raya, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Teacher’s Day,” explained Yap.

Since every day is a celebration at S&J, there are many unforgettable moments that occur in the stores. “There was a customer who wanted to propose to his girlfriend in our Pavilion Kuala Lumpur store. So we helped him to set up the gifts and provided lots of balloons. That remains a precious memory for me,” mused Yap.

In its effort to satisfy every possible need of customers, S&J ensures that stocks are replenished every month with fresh, exciting offerings. Such consistency makes it possible for customers to be pleasantly surprised upon discovering something new each time they step into a S&J outlet.

With S&J about to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the company intends to mark its significant milestone and fulfill its potential as the fastest growing “gift-and-collectable” chain store in Malaysia. In the pipeline, S&J plans to venture into markets outside of Malaysia in the near future.

Legendary American author Richard Bach once said: “Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.” This is very much synonymous with S&J’s philosophy of doing business.

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